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Generally, when you download a file from internet they are in compressed format.  This method helps one to save the memory space and as a result, download takes very faster than downloading multiple files individually.  Zip files can be recognized by its file extensions .zip and .zipx.  However, zip files may contain more than one file compressed in a single folder. In order to retrieve the zip file you must unzip it first. Zip files are more helpful when there are more files to send in very short time.  Though, there are many software available for unzipping files on Mac, these tools cannot be fully trusted on.

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Sometimes when you opt for any unreliable tool and try to compress the zip files, instead of compression, it leads to data corruption, which can be a serious issue. Hence, you must consider a tool that can guarantee you with hassle free zipping and unzipping process. One such software is Unzip Mac File.  This software is available absolutely free of cost with best results. You can use this tool without much difficulty to compress or extract files from compressed folder. Before we go more in detail about this software, let us discuss some of the advantages of using Zip files. Refer for more info to extract Mac zip files on Mac Snow Leopard.

Uses of compressed files:

Faster download:  Generally, files or attachments on internet are found in zip files formats. This method helps user to download the file faster as it contains less file size. Hence, the zip files save the valuable time of user, which is helpful during busy work schedule. Check Here for more info regarding how to open zip files on mac having documents.

Multiple files in single file:  More often it becomes difficult and time consuming method to attach each file individually and send them to recipients. To make the work easier, zip file lets you to compress many files into single folder and send them to others with much efforts.

Reduces consumption of memory space: Compression of files technically refers to reducing of overall file size. When the size is decreased, the file consumes very less space of memory than it was before compression. This method helps in improving the memory management.

Data security: Besides all the advantages, even compressed files help to secure your data. It helps you to set passwords to your compressed files and protects it from any threats. This is the best format for increasing the data security of your files.

Unzip Mac Files Software is a secure and efficient software for zipping and to open zip files on Mac computers. You will be able to open any zip files and extract mac zip files by using this amazing tool. With its utilization, it can compress and unzip large zip files within a couple of minutes. It is designed to provide 10 different levels of files to compress the files efficiently.

You can use this software on Mac versions such as Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion to extract mac zip files. The advanced Pro version of this software facilitates to compress files that are more than 4 GB.  This tool contains AES Encryption 128-Bit, 192-Bit and 256-Bit encryption standards to compress data. This software supports to open zip files on MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook mini and so forth.

Steps to unzip mac files:

Step 1 – Get the software by downloading it. Launch the tool to unzip mac files and select "Open/Update RZIP files"

Fig 1 : Main Screen

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Step 2 – Select the zip files that you want to open and click on "Open" option

Unzip Mac - Select Zip file

Fig 2 : Choose Zip File

Step 3 – A zip file is opened by providing the preview of its contents. Select the files from the list which you want to extract and click "Extract All".

Unzip Mac - Preview of Zip Files

Fig 3 : View Zip Contents

Step 4 – Now select the destination where you want to save the extracted files

Unzip Mac - Save Extracted Files

Fig 4 : Save Extracted Files

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