MacBook Pro is a third generation of Mac computers that was introduced in Jan 2006. This computer was designed with incredible configurations by enhancing the features. Now this is one of model of Mac which is still on demand. Like other Mac computers, even MacBook Pro systems provide a huge support for different variants of files. Most often when you get a zipped attachment file through mails, you may not be able to extract the file directly. This is because the zipped files cannot be extracted without the aid of compressing tools. One of such amazing zipping software is Unzip Files on MacBook Pro. This incredibly tool constitutes of different levels to perform an effective file compression. It also helps to extract files on Mac of existing zip files.

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Where zip files are largely used?

On internet:  While browsing over the net, you might come across various site containing attachments in zip file formats. This method of storing data protects it from any threat in network and user can download the file in a quick and easy way.

Emailing Systems:  It is a hectic task to send file through mail by attaching them individually. To overcome this, zip files are used by compressing a set of files in a single folder and sending them through the email.

For backing up data: Zip files are more often considered as a format for backing up files as they consume very less space. This method can help to save more number of data to the drive as it saves space on it.

Positive effects of Zip files:

  • Saves time and memory space on drives
  • Improves memory management in MacBook Pro
  • Provides security for your files
  • Reduces complex operations
  • Protects files from any virus threats

Unzip Mac Files is advanced zipping software that enables you to zip and open large zip files on MacBook Pro.  This software also helps you to compress files on latest versions such a Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion version. You can employ this software to open zip files on MacBook Pro and other models such as iMac, Mac mini so on.  This software creates the zipped files in .zip and .rzip formats, which are popular formats for compressed files in present days.

You don’t have to pay for Unzip Files on MacBook Pro software, since it is available absolutely free of cost to extract zip files MacBook Pro. There is also a pro edition of this tool which helps to compress files that is more than 4 GB.  It uses 128-Bit, 192-Bit and 256-Bit encryption formats for encrypting the files, which ensures more security to the files.

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Follow the instructions to open zip files on MacBook Pro: -

Step 1: Install the tool on the computer and select "Open/Update RZIP File" option in order open zip files on MacBook Pro.

Open Zip Files on MacBook Pro- Main  Screen

Fig 1: Home Page

Step 2: Next select the zip file to extract zip files Macbook Pro

Open Zip Files on MacBook Pro- Select Zip File

Fig 2: Selecting Zip File to Open

Step 3: The software prompts a window showing the contents of zip files. Select the required files to extract and choose "Extract All" option. Provide the password if the file is password protected

Open Zip Files on MacBook Pro- Extract Window

Fig 3: Select Files to Extract

Step 4: The software starts extracting the file and by the end prompts window to select the destination location for saving the extracted files.

Fig 4: File Extraction Message

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