Zip files are a perfect format for sharing files through emails. It is used widely today over the internet to download big attachments. These zip files can store a single file or multiple files in a single folder. Zipping can be achieved by making use of compressing tools. However, most files that you find on the internet, have a data limit for compression. Most of the tools support up to 4 GB of data compression, which is one of the disadvantages concerned with zipping tools. Such tools also fail to open large zip files Mac. If you are searching for a tool to unzip large files on Mac then the solution is right here. Unzip Mac Files is one of the prominent and advanced software that is available freely to Extract Large Zip Files on Mac.

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Why should you compress a file?

Compressing a file can be helpful in various fields, since it can reduce your work and save your valuable time.  Some of its uses are as mentioned below

Easy File transfer:    Now all the files shared in emails is majorly zip file formats. This is because Zip files contain small file size, which makes it easy and fast to upload them and send them through emailing system. Thus, zip files increases speed of file transfer and avoid complex uploading task.

Improves Memory Management:  Compressing a file generally refers to reducing the overall file size. Since size is reduced, file consumes less memory space and improves the memory management. This method is beneficial when you have a hardware with very less data capacity.

Avoids corruption of files: Uncompressed files are said to be more prone to virus attack, than the compressed ones. When a file is sent directly through mails, it can be infected by virus which is largely found on the network.

Saves Time:  Zip files can save time and work to a considerable extent.  It can reduce complex operations of uploading each file individually, when you have to send multiple files. This method also helps the recipients to download the file faster.

Unzip Large Zip Files on Mac is one of the popular and most extensively used zipping software in order to open large zip files Mac. This tool helps to compress and extract large zip files on Mac that is used for different task. It supports to extract zip files from MacBook Pro, MacBook mini and other models. This software is a multipurpose tool which is used to open, compress and update files on Macintosh systems.

Besides this, Unzip large zip files on Mac provides different levels of compression such as Superfast compression, Fast compression, Best Compression to compress files in an efficient manner. It also helps to secure your zip files by setting a password. You can take advantage of this tool on different operating system version like Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Lion and so on.

Easy steps to open large zip files mac-

Step 1: Download the software on your Mac PC to unzip large zip files on Mac. Now launch the software and click "Open/Update RZIP File" option that you find on the home page in order to extract large zip files on mac

Open Large Zip Files Mac - Main  Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

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Step 2: Now browse and select the zip file which you want to extract. The software shows the preview of the files that it embeds

Open Large Zip Files Mac - Select Zip File

Fig 2: Choose Zip File

Step 3: Select "Extract All" option after you choose the files that you want to open

Open Large Zip Files Mac - Zip Contents

Fig 3: Preview Zip Contents

Step 4: Finally after the extraction process select the destination location

Open Large Zip Files Mac - Process Completion

Fig 4: Results

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